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The watch is equipped with a high-precision quartz movement made by Bulgari, even if it is only worn on important occasions, there is no need to worry about timekeeping.Mr. Ye thinks the 2017 Vocabulary of the Year: ai? Video: From the Observer Network. Maybe we he all been in trouble. Maybe we he all experienced the feeling of powerlessness. But lovely and respectable people always tell us with their actions again and again. ai will always exist ①In this world where people are cautiously interacting with others, she silently matched her kidneys to bring hope for life to friends who are in terminal illness waiting to die. 'Even if you are in the desperate situation of life, I still don’t want to give up on you.'② A little boy in the United States was born without limbs but still lives strong and tries to 'take' the first step in life. 'Even if I don't he wings, I will try to fly.' ③A girl at a cooking competition still uses many methods I couldn’t open the jar in my hand and finally ran to the dad in the auditorium. My dad opened the jar in a few strokes. “No matter how old you grow up, dad is your strongest backing” ④ Instinctively pulled the rope just to se the trapped The dog outside the elevator 'Even if it is difficult for you to call for help, I see you in trouble, but I instinctively help.' ⑤ Seeing a dog crossing the road, all the vehicles stop at the same time, 'Be courteous to pedestrians, and we should do it all' ⑥ The man who was about to fall before the galloping train was pulled back by the person next to him to oid the danger. 'Even if it is dangerous, someone will be willing to pull you.' ⑦A polar bear walked towards the sled dog and touched it gently The photographer in the distance took this scene 'Nah~You are so cute today~' ⑧In order to help the broken down car escape the catastrophe, the guy jumped off the motorcycle and propelled the car with amazing power 'I don’t he much strength but occasionally there are The power that shakes lives' ⑨The first thing that comes to mind when the fire occurs is not to escape, but to eliminate the most dangerous factors, 'Maybe I can run away, but for the lives of more people, I’m back.' ⑩10 years ago, a group of young people used their spare time to do what they could. To help people around them, they he no funds or sponsorships. They he been insisting on helping poor students. There are already several students who he been employed in Shanghai. In May 2009, they accompanied the children of the Boai Health Park ai in the nursing home. The ai members spontaneously donated the logo and logo of ai. The business card designs are all spontaneous and free with flags, and the donation boxes are all made by the member’s mother ai during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2016-2017, a dream to help the poorest students.In fact, this is where G-SHOCK is great.








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